ABB Smart Sensors

Old motors don’t have to become outdated. ABB gives them the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things with a wireless, pocket-sized sensor.

A factory owner has a problem

The low-voltage motors on the factory floor are old but sturdy. They have years left in them. The owners understand the company has to upgrade—they know modern, intelligent factories that connect devices to the Industrial Internet of Things significantly boost their productivity and efficiency. But replacing equipment is expensive. Is there a way to realize the benefits of digitalization without a total reinvestment?

Modernization without replacing equipment

ABB has been connecting the digital and physical worlds for 40 years. Now we’ve developed a wireless, pocket-sized sensor that can be attached to almost any low-voltage motor. The multi-function sensor adds the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things to unconnected, analog operations.

  • The sensors are attached directly to the motor’s frame
  • The sensors require no wiring, transmitting data through Bluetooth
  • Internal sensors collect vital data points, like vibration, sound and temperature
  • Data is uploaded via an ABB gateway or smartphone to the cloud, where it is analyzed
  • The results are sent back for optimizing performance and predictive maintenance

The factory tells you how it can run better

  • Change from periodic to condition-based maintenance
  • Reduction in unplanned stoppages
  • No more manual gathering of data
  • Less hands-on monitoring increases employee safety and productivity
  • Sensors can be configured within minutes
  • Capability to reduce emissions and environmental impact, without having to replace equipment

More speed, more efficiency

  • Affordable plant optimization solution
  • Reduce unplanned downtime by up to 70 percent
  • Extend motor lifetime by up to 30 percent
  • Improve energy efficiency by up to 10 percent

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