Mitsubishi PHEV Helps EMR Silverthorn Reduce Carbon Footprint

As a part of our drive to reduce our carbon footprint we have purchased the first Mitsubishi PHEV Hybrid vehicle for our sales team.

ABB Motor Distributor EMR Silverthorn Reduce Carbon Footprint with Mitsubishi Phev Hybrid VehicleLike the carbon efficient Motors and Drives provided and maintained by EMR Silverthorn, we practice what we preach. We have just invested in our first Hybrid vehicle, a Mitsubishi PHEV, which is allowing us to further reduce our own carbon footprint.

As well as delivering upto 148 miles per gallon the PHEV also reduces carbon emissions, CO2 emissions are less than 44G/KM. The PHEV is also  Road Fund Licence and Congestion Charge exempt, the PHEV was the only choice when it came to changing our Technical Sales Managers vehicle. Anthony spends a lot of his time visiting customers and sites in the City as well as travelling throughout the UK, the PHEV is both saving us cost and saving the planet at the same time.

More information regarding the Mitsubishi PHEV can be found here: Mitsubishi PHEV