Pumps and Booster Sets

EMR Silverthorn have over 40 Years Experience servicing London & the South East for Pumps

EMR Silverthorn have over 40 Years Experience servicing London & the South East for Pumps. Below are just some of the major brands we can offer –

We have built a solid customer base providing economical & effective solutions covering all industrial & commercial applications ranging from Building Services to Food Manufacturing. Our offering covers the following -

  • Specification & Installation of Bespoke Booster Sets manufactured in the UK by Dutypoint Systems.
  • Excellent prices on all the major brands.
  • Repairs of all types of pumps including End Suction, Circulating, Submersible, Rotary Lobe, Multi-Stage.
  • On-Site Overhauls of Pumps including Mechanical Seals, Bearings, Shafts.
  • Replacing obsolete pumps with modern equivalents including any pipework changes.
  • Pressurisation Units, Valves, Actuators, Pressure Vessels.
  • Free on-site surveys.
  • Service Contracts.


Please feel free to contact us on 0208 903 1390 to discuss our offering further.

VMV - Versatile Modular Booster Set with Up to 8 Pumps

The WRAS approved VMV is a versatile, high-performance booster set constructed with premium components and a strict adherence to quality standards. 

The modular design of the VMV range has been specially developed to allow consultants and contractors to tailor the set to the installation. The modular pipe work design and multiple control panel locations create a huge number of permutations; for example the four-pump VMV4 has 15,876 possible layout combinations. As each set is assembled to order, specifiers can tailor a booster set to the precise project requirements. The VMV can be delivered for on-site assembly if required.

VMV Booster sets are available in this range with two to eight pumps and are WRAS approved with a choice of Lowara, Grundfos, Ebara and Wilo pumps.

Standard Technical Features

  • Multiple build configurations: suitable for abnormally-shaped plant rooms
  • Intelligent inverter control
  • Duty pump changeover timer
  • Common alarm volt-free contact
  • Hours run recorder
  • Pressure set point adjustment
  • Integral anti-vibration mountings
  • Integral HiRISE control
  • Lowara stainless steel vertical multistage pumps


  • Up to 8 pumps
  • Motor anti-condensation heaters
  • Control panel specification upgrades
  • Flexible expansion joints
  • Quantum Integral sealed system pressurisation unit
  • Supplied for self-assembly on site
  • Oversized suction/discharge connections
  • Ebara, Grundfos or Wilo pumps (other manufacturers available on request)
  • Integral Dutypoint EC electromagnetic water conditioner
  • Fixed speed versions available on request