Exporting Motors Drives Bearings and Pumps

We export many varied products all over the world and have a vast experience of dealing with many end users and export specialists in the UK and worldwide.

Dubai SkylineEMR Silverthorn has a heritage of supplying products to businesses across the world. Since 1995 we have exported motors, variable speed drives, bearings, transmission equipment, specialist driven pumps, gearboxes, high quality chain and sprockets, specialist clutch and brake units, abrasives, lubricants and food grade lubricants. To date EMR Silverthorn has exported products to more than 100 countries around the world.

Large Container ShipEMR has maintained a proud and honourable reputation throughout the industry for the supply, support and repair of motors and related components. No product is either too small or too large for our Export department, whether you require a motor for a food mixer or a coal classifier we will work with you to get the right product to you in the shortest time. We don’t just export motors and components, over the past 25 years we have shipped trucks to Africa, pumps to the Middle East and fans to the Gulf, if there is a product that you need help sourcing, then give our Export team a call, if we cannot source the product for your application we certainly will know a man that can.

Building Site BusinessmanWe have built excellent trading relations with companies  worldwide.From Shanghai in the east  to the Middle East (UAE/Gulf region)  and west  to the USA. We have repeat business with many multinational companies in fields from Aluminium refining to Petro-chemical engineering, which has ensured that EMR Silverthorn maintains its premier position as a distributor of ABB Motors, Invertek Drives and Fuchs Cassida food grade lubricants. 

We have recently despatched parts to aid the rebuilding of the infrastructure in Tripoli following the war.

Our export team are on hand to discuss your export requirements. Call one of our specialists now on
020 8903 1390 we are here ready to help.