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We are an approved supplier and stockist of Fuchs Food Grade Lubricants. Which type of lubricant do you require?

EMR Silverthorn are an approved supplier and stockist  of Fuchs Food Grade Lubricants. We have attained ISO 22,000 – 2005 Food Safety compliance and have implemented a Food Safety Management System to ensure that we continually meet the high standards required for the supply and repair of food equipment motors, components and food grade lubricants.

We provide the full range of Cassida food grade lubricants. Using food grade lubricants in the manufacturing, processing and packaging of food and beverage products is essential to ensure the safety of the product produced. The fully synthetic, NSF H1 registered CASSIDA range of food grade lubricants is the solution for manufacturers and distributors of food equipment, components and lubricants. 

At EMR Silverthorn we understand the variety of operating conditions and extreme demands of lubricants used on machinery in the food and beverage industry, which is why our range contains all of the high performance Cassida lubricants required, from gear and hydraulic oils to specialist products, such as extreme temperature greases. 

We believe that providing the right service and support to our customers is just as important as providing high quality lubricants. EMR’s CASSIDA team are able to provide expert knowledge and assistance to help your production plant to run at maximum efficiency.


It is vital that manufacturers understand the importance of using food grade lubricants in food and beverage manufacturing, processing and packaging plants to reduce the risk of costly product recall and damage to brand reputation. Regulations allow contamination of up to 10 parts per million with food grade lubricants compared with the zero parts per million contamination allowed with non-food grade lubricants. EMR provide a comprehensive range of Cassida high performance food grade lubricants, which provide solutions to all manufacturers in the food and beverage industry.

The Cassida range contains a wide variety of lubricants to meet the exacting demands of machinery used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and animal feed manufacturing, processing and packaging. All of EMR’s Cassida food safety lubricants are NSF H1 approved for peace of mind and assurance of product safety.

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